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From: Walt Tracey <>
Subject: Aquila Jones - Balto Co.
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 19:49:53 -0400

Saw this posting on the Rootsweb Board (usa - Maryland - Batimore)
tonight - thought it might help someone.

Catch u later, Walt$B)(B.

Cadwalader and Aquilla Jones

Author: Larry
" Date: 2 Oct 2001
4:29 AM GMT

I've recently come to the conclusion that Aquila Jones of Randolph
County, NC, may be the same as that Aquilla (Aq'a) born to Cadwallader
Jones (b. 1679) and Mary Paywell or Powell, 22 April 1710 in Baltimore
Co., MD. The Baltimore County (modern Harford) Aquilla was married in
St. George's Parish, 7 May 1741, to Elizabeth Anhousin Brice, widow of
Samuel Brice (d. 1740) and by her had children named Mary (b. 1741?),
Charles (b. 1744) and Elizabeth (b. 1746). There were likely many other
children born to this couple, just not recorded in the parish register.
Aquilla never owned land in Baltimore/Harford County to my knowledge.
His grandfather Thomas Jones of Bush River (d. c. 1697), however,
appears to have been a relatively prominent man who came to Baltimore
County, Maryland from Virginia via St. Mary's County in the early
1670's. While in St. Mary's Co., he received carte blanche from Lord
Baltimore to trade with the Indians on the west side of the Bay. He was
accomplished in the Indian languages, but got into trouble with
Baltimore for selling arms and ammunition to the natives.

His widow, Mary, remarried to Thomas Staly, a member of the provincial
assembly from Baltimore and the sheriff of Baltimore County, 1700.
Aquilla Jones of Randolph County, NC was first documented in Orange Co.
in 1762. His wife was named Elizabeth (d. c. 1801) and he almost
certainly had a son named Charles who accompanied him (the name Aquilla
reappears among Charles' descendants.) He and his sons lived on Sandy
Creek. He died in 1797 with a will which only named two of his
children (Silas and Priscilla) but alluded to others unnamed. It is
thought that Thomas Jones, Aquilla Jones, Jr., Charles Jones, Leonard
Jones, Stephen Jones and Samuel Jones were all his sons, because they
all lived on Sandy Creek and they were almost all involved in the
Regulation movement with old Aquilla. The names and ages are a good
match against
the Maryland family and Aquilla, in one of his deeds in North Carolina,
used tract names like those commonly used in Maryland to refer to his

There is a problem, however. There are two Aquilla Jones who appear in
later Harford County (formed from Baltimore County) records. One of them
was Aquilla Jones b. c. 1759 (1776 Census of Harford.) He was almost
surely an illegitimate grandson of the Aquilla named above through his
daughter Mary Jones (St. George's Parish Register.) He is called Aquilla
Jr. in a 1783 Harford record with 3 white persons in his household.
There is also an Aquilla, Sr. in that year with six white persons in

Who was that Aquilla? This seems to be the only record which refers to
him in Harford County (I haven't been able to check deeds there yet.)
Can anyone prove that he is the same as Aquila (b. 1710) or could he be
a son of Charles Jones, an older son of Cadwalader Jones by his first
wife Mary Ellis, who died about 1767? If Aquilla named a son Charles,
perhaps Charles named a son Aquilla for his brother. I know that there
are a couple of children of Charles and Frances Cobb Jones, not named in
the parish register--Priscilla and Thomas. Perhaps there was also an
Aquilla. Need real answers. I have to find out whether I am right or
wrong about this connection and realize how easy it is to make a mistake
with a family name like Jones.

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