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Subject: [TRANSCRIPTIONS-EIRE] Passenger and Emigrant Lists (InChronological Order)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 12:37:34 -0800

(In Chronological Order)

From: - To: North America
Date: 1538-1825
Reference: H. Lancour and Wolfe, "A Bibliography of Ships' Passenger Lists," London, 1963.

From: - To: North America
Date: 17th-19th centuries
Reference: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (3 vols.), ed. P. William Filby and Mary K. Meyer, Gale, Detroit, 1981, NL, RR 387, p. 7.

From: - To: New England
Date: -
Reference: M. Tepper, "Passengers to America (a consolidation of ships' passenger lists from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register), Baltimore 1977, NL 387, p. 6.

From: Britain To: North America
Date: 1600-1700
Reference: J. C. Hotten, "Original Lists of Persons emigrating to America, 1600-1700, London, 1874 (reprint, 1968).

From: Britain and Ireland. To: America and West Indies.
Date: 1727-31
Reference: 'Agreements to Serve in America and the West Indies,' D. Galenson, "The Genealogist's Magazine," Vol. 19, No. 2.

From: Ireland To: America
Date: 1735-54
Reference: Lockhart, A., 'Emigration Ireland to North America, 1660-1775," New York, 1976, Ir. 973 l 5 . (Indentured servants 1749-50, Felons 1735-54).

From: Kilkenny To: Newfoundland
Date: 1750-1844
Reference: 'Inistiogue emigrants in Newfoundland,' in Whelan, K., and Nolan, W. (ed.), "Kilkenny History and Society," Dublin, 1990, 345-405.

From: Larne To: Charleston, South Carolina
Date: 1773
Reference: Dickson, R. J., "Ulster Emigration to Colonial America, 1718-75," London, 1976.

From: Newry/Warrenpoint To: New York and Philadelphia
Date: 1791-92
Reference: PRONI T.711/1

From: Ireland To: Philadelphia
Date: 1800-1819
Reference: M. Tepper, "Passenger Arrivals at Philadelphia Port 1800-1819,:" Baltimore, 1986, Ir. 970, p. 12.

From: Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, Londonderry, Newry, Sligo To. US
Date: 1803, 1804
Reference: D. F. Begley, "Handbook on Irish Genealogy," Dublin, 1984 (6th ed.) 101-110, 115.

>From : Ulster To: US
Date: June 1804 to March 1806
Reference: PRONI T521/1, indexed in Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records (Northern Ireland), 1929.

From: Ireland To: America
Date: 1803-6
Reference: NL Pos. 993, PRONI T.3262

From: Newry To: US
Date: 1803-31
Reference: Trainor, Brian, 'Sources for the Identification of Emigrants from Ireland to North America in the 19th Century,' "Ulster Historical and Genealogical Guild Newsletter," Vol. 1, Nos. 2 and 3 (1979), Ir. 9292 u 3.

From: Ireland To: US
Date 1811-17
Reference: "Passengers from Ireland," Baltimore, 1980 (from 'The Shamrock'), see also D. F. Begley, "Handbook on Irish Genealogy," Dublin, 1984 (6th ed.), 110-117.

From: Londonderry To: US
Date: 1815-16
Reference: PRONI T.2964 (add.)

From: Counties Carlow and Wexford To: Canada
Date: 1817
Reference: K. Whelan and W. Nolan (ed.), "Wexford: History and Society," Dublin, Geography Publications, 1987.

From: - To: New York
Date: 1820-65
Reference: Passenger arrivals lists, New York port, unindexed, NL. Pos. 3919-4580, see National Library Dublin, Hayes Catalogue, for details of dates.

From: - To: Baltimore
Date: 1820-34
Reference: M. Tepper, "Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Baltimore," Baltimore, 1982.

From: Ireland To: US
Date: 1821
Reference: "Irish Genealogical Helper," No. 6, Jan. 1976, Ir. 9291 i 3.

From: (not given) To: New York (Arrivals)
Date: 1820-65
Reference: NL Pos. 3919-4520 (see Hayes Catalogue for details).

From: (not given) To: Boston (Arrivals)
Date: 1820-64
Reference: NL Pos. 5896-959 (see Hayes Catalogue for details).

From: Ireland To: Boston
Date: 1820-39
Reference: NL Special list, No. 200.

From: - To: US
Date: 1821-23
Reference: "Passengers Arriving in the U. S., 1821-1823," NL 3251 u 1.

From: Ireland To. US
Date: 1822
Reference: "Irish-American Genealogist," 1978, Ir. 9291 i 3.

From: Londonderry To: US
Date: 1826-90
Reference: PRONI D.2892.

From: Co. Londonderry (parishes of Aghadowey, Balteagh, Bovevagh, Coleraine, Dunboe, Drumachose, Limavady, Magilligan, Tamlaghfinlagan).
To: US
Date: 1833-34
Reference: See S. Martin, "Historical Gleanings from Co. Derry," Dublin, 1955, Ir. 94112 m 2, also D. F. Begley, "Handbook on Irish Genealogy," Dublin, 1984 (6th ed.), 117-120.

From: Counties Antrim and Derry To: US
Date: 1833-39
Reference: Mitchell, Brian, "Irish Emigration Lists 1833-39," Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1989, PRONI MIC.6.

From: Newry To: St. John's, New Brunswick
Date: 7 April 1834
Reference: Murphy, Peter, "Together in Exile," Nova Scotia, 1991, 272-7.

From: Londonderry To: Philadelphia
Date: 1836-71
Reference: PRONI MF 14.

From: Liverpool (Irish passengers) To: Philadelphia
Date: 1840
Reference: PRONI T.2746

From: Limerick To: North America
Date: 1841
Reference: "North Munster Antiquarian Journal," Vol. XXIII, 1981.

From: Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow (Coolattin estate)
To: US
Date: 1842-44
Reference: NL MS. 18, 429.

From: Ireland To: US
Date: 1846-51
Reference: "The Famine Immigrants," (7 vols., indexed), Ir. 942 g 12.

From: Londonderry To: America
Date: 1847-71
Reference: Brian Mitchell (ed.), "Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871," Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1988.

From: Coolattin (see above) To: Quebec
Date: 1848
Reference: N1 MS. 18, 524, see also "West Wicklow Historical Society Journal," No. 1.

From: Ahascragh, Co. Galway, and Castlemaine, Co. Kerry
To: -
Date: 1848-52
Reference: "Analecta Hibernica," Vol. 22, 1960.

From: Ireland To: Australia
Date: 1848-50
Reference: 'Barefoot and Pregnant? Female Orphans who emigrated from Irish workhouses to Australia,' 'Familia," "Ulster Genealogical Review," Vol. II, No. 3, 1987.

From: Londonderry To: Philadelphia, St. John, Quebec
Date: 1850-65
Reference: PRONI MF 13.

From: Co. Galway (parishes of Kilchreest, Killigolen, Killinane, Killora, Kilthomas and Isserkelly)
To: US and Australia
Date: c. 1852-59
Reference: GO MS. 622.

From: Liverpool (Irish Passengers) To: US
Date: Oct.-Dec. 1853
Reference: R. ffolliott, "The Irish Ancestor, 1975, 6-10.

From: Queenstown (Cobh) To: US
Date: May-June 1884
Reference: NL MS. 20616

From: Armagh, Derry, Donegal, Louth, Tyrone
To: (not given)
Date: 1890-1921
Reference: PRONI P.648(9) (Members of Girls' Friendly Society).

PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland)
NL (National Library/Dublin)
GO (The Genealogical Office/Dublin)
MS (manuscript)
Pos. (positive/microfilm)
MF (microfilm)

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