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From: "Susan Johnson" <>
Subject: [TRANSCRIPTIONS-UK] White's 1837 Directory Huddersfield - part 11
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 21:33:01 -0000

Extract from the


24 Chemist & Druggists,
Birch Henry, 10 King street
Broughton Joshua, 18 King street
England Wm. , 13 Market street
Fell Jacob, 18 market place
Fell John, 7 King street
Hargrave John, Longroyd bridge
Spivey Charles, 46 New street
Swift Joseph, 5 Westgate
Taylor Jph. Harnees, 30 Buxton rd

25 Chemists, (Manufrg),
Holliday Read, 79 Leeds road
Kaye Joshua, Mould green
Whitehead Ths. (& soap) 57 Leeds rd

26, China, Glass, and Earthenware Dlrs,
Freeman John, 8 Market place
Hoyle James, 96 King street
Norliffe & France, 66 Kirkgate
Todd Joseph, 121 Upperhead row

27 Clog & Patten Mkrs,
Benson Joseph, 25 Kirkgate
Booth Joshua, 1 Union street
Brier Wm. 13 Buxton road
Briggs Jonas, Longroyd bridge
Davison Benj. 54 Kirkgate
Doughearty John & Mattw, 18 Westgt
Gaukrodger Wm. Paddock
Grayson John, 40 Kings street
Hindson John, 34 King street
Holden George, Mould green
Mills Sidney, 34 Manchester road
Thornton Benjamin, 32 New street
Walker Joseph, Mould green
Wood Samuel, 50 King street

28 Cloth Drawers &c,
Armitage John, Castlegate
Berry Wm. Longroyd bridge
Dyson John, 10 Manchester street
Hall Joseph, Spring street
Milner Richard, Temple street
Scholefield James, Upperhead row
Scholefield Titus, Longroyd bridge
Scholefield Wm. Fenton square
Stott John, Fartown
Swift Thos (& pattern card maker) 106 Castlegate
Walker Abm, 76 Upperhead row

29 Cloth dressers,
Atkinson T R (Exors of) Aspley mill
Bell John, 7 Union street
Binns Joshua (and waterproofer) Fartown green
Booth James, 14 Rosemary lane
Booth James, 80 Beast market
Brook Benj. ct 10 West parade
Brook John, Marsh
Brook Joseph, 82 Beast market
Brook Joseph, 14 Greenhead road
Brook Joseph, ct 22 Rosemary lane
Charlesworth Saml. Engine bridge
Clay George, 2 Corn market
Clay Robert, 73 Northgate
Crosland Jonathan, Folly hall
Crowther Geo & Brothers, Paddock
Firth Wm. Croppers' row
Goulter John, 109 Castlegate
Haigh John, Folly hall
Hanson Wm & Jno, 18 High st
Hartley Thos (& Presser) West parade
Hellawell Joshua, 4 West parade
Hirst Benjamin, 87 Leeds road
Leadbeater Mattw. 34 Quay street
Lord & Brook, Marsh
Lumb, Haigh & Co. Longroyd mill
Lunn James, Birkley lane
Lunn Jno. presser, Manchester st
Lunn Levi, ct 26 Manchester street
Mallinson Abm. 61 West parade
Mallinson Jas & Geo. 28 Quay street
Murgatroyd Phineas, Croppers' row
Nutter John Towning row
Payne William, Castlegate
Shaw James, Marsh
Shaw Thomas, Spring street
Shaw Widow, Lane dyehouse
Shepherd Joshua, 57 Lowerhead row
Smith John, marsh
Stockwell john, Folly hall
Sykes James, Quay street
Sykes, Wade, & Crowther, Aspley
Sykes Widow, Newtown
Tattersall Wm. Folly hall
Walker Abm. 9presser) 76 Upperhead row
Walker Samuel, Upperhead row
Watson Thos. (presser) 2 Macauley st
Worth James, 19 Commercial st

30 Cloth Dealers,
Beaumont James, 51 King street
Brier Wm. 13 Buxton road
Dawson Christopher 24 King st
Dewhirst Sarah, 35 King st
Fawcett Benjamin, Northgate
Kay John, 28 Buxton rd
Love James, 3 Manchester street
Moore Richard, 6 Buxton road
Wainhouse Joseph, c 54 King st

31 Coach Builders,
Clark George, ct 17 Cross Church st
Davies & Douglas, Swan yard

32 Coal Masters,
Atkinson Edwards, (dlr) Lwrhd row
Haigh Senior & Co, Ramsden st and Briestfield
Kaye Sir John L. L. Bart. Aspley and Flockton
Milner Geo, West pard & Briestfield
Whiteley & Hinchliffe, Cooper bridge
Stansfield and Briggs, Aspley and Flockton

33 Comb Makers,
Farrar & Kewley, 95 Castlegate
Grey William, 33 Kirkgate

34 Confectioners,
Houghton Sar. A 47 Westgate
Johnston Eliz. 27 New street
Preistley Hannah, 49 Westgate
Priestley John, 31 King street
Sutcliffe Sarah, 3 Kirkgate
Wolstenholme Jas. Horsfield (wholesale) 19 & 20 Temple street

35 Coopers,
Abby Rowland, 7 Market place
Dunford Joseph, 49 King street
Howe John, 16 King street
smith John, 24 Cross Church st
Sunderland John, 11 King street
Turner William, 13 Westgate
Walker Thomas, 48 New street

36 Corn Millers,
Booth Joseph, 44 Kirkgate
Crowther Jonth & Son, Newtown
North James, King's mills
Varley Thomas, Shore foot

37 Cotton Warp Mfrs,
Dowes Wm & Sl (& silk) Mould green
Haigh Thomas & Sons (& spinners) Colne bridge
Nutter and Barrot, Swan yard
Standeven Jno. ct 54 Lowehd row
Sunderland, Wrigge & Baxter, (& silk) 5 Shambles
Wood Jno. 34 Queen st & Meltham
Wrigley Miles, 16 Pack Horse yard

38 Curriers & Leather Cutters,
Binns Joseph, 28 Kirkgate
Broadbent Jas. S. 12 Cloth Hall st
Carr John, ct 77 Kings street
Cawthra Wm. 7 Pig market
Clegg George, Market place
Illingworth Jno (cutter) 30 New st
Noble James, Little Bermondsey
Nowell Wm. 24 Manchester street
Wood John, 4 Albion street

39 Drysalters and Oil Dealers,
Birch Henry, 10 King street
Bradley George, Denton lane
Firth John, 8 Cloth Hall street
Firth Joseph, 8 beat Market
Howard David, ct 84 Kirkgate
Kilner W,. 41 Market street
Robinson Thos, Birkley house
Smith John, Mould green
Tuner John, 15 Pack Horse yard
Willans Benj (and London soap) 8 Shambles

40 Dyers,
Alexander Alex. & Sons, Folly hall
Anderson John, Aspley
Cliff John, Paddock
Crowther John & Son, Paddock
Dean Joseph, Canal side
Eastwood John & Sons, Engine bdg
Greenwood Thomas, Aspley
Hepworth Jph, near Fountain st
Hey David & Sons Quay street
Layton and Routledge, Aspley
Mitchell John & Sons Aspley
Nortcliffe George, Bay hall
Robinson Benj. Lane dyehouse
Scholefield Dd, Longroyd bridge
Shaw Samuel, (cotton) Mould green
Smith John, Aspley mill

41 Engraver &c.,
Burton John, 72 Manchester street
Hodgson Saml, 13, ct 6 Market st
Wilson J W (C P printer) 5 Spring st

42 Fire & Life Offices,
Alliance, Jas. C. Fenton, 37 King s
Atlas Whitehead & Robinson, Mkp
County, Provt. Wm. Barker, New st
Family Endt. Wm. Jacomb, Mkt st
Eagle & Phoenix, J R. Clough, King st
Guardian, Jacomb and Tindale, 20 Market st
Imperial, T G Lancashire, Mkp
Law, D C Battye, 4 New street
Leeds & Yorkshire, as. C Laycock, King street
Manchester, John Taylor, South par
Scottish Eqtbl. Henry Heron, Mkp
Scottish Union, T Brook, King st
Suffolk, John Allison, New street
Royal Exch, Thos. Pitt, 32 King st
Sun, Battye & Hesp, ct 9 New st
York and North of England, John Tempest, 61 Lowerhead row
Yorkshire, Whitehead & Robinson, ct 16 Market place

43 Flour &c. Dealers, See also Bakers, Provision dealers, and Shopkeepers,
Armitage William, 59 Kirkgate
Bentley Benj. 59 Upperhead row
Black Alex. 30 Cross Church street
Booth Joshua, 1 Union street
Brierley Joseph, 2 Queens street
Brook James, 8 Buxton road
Challand George, 29 King street
Dickinson Thomas, 16 Temple st
Marsh Edmund, 12 Buxton road
Oddy William, 1 Spring street
Smith John, 8 New street
Varley Thomas, 2 Rosemary lane
York Store Co, 16 New street

44 Game Dealers,
Hirst Mary, 11 Pack Horse yard
Pearson Wm. (& oyster) 48 New st

45 Gardeners & Seedsmen,
Ainley George, Birkley
Aram Robert, 8 Manchester street
Armitage Joseph, Spring street
Hallam William, 16 Kirkgate
North William, 27 Kirkgate
Pontey John, (& nursery) 8 Kirkgate
Wilson James, Birkley

46 Grocers & tea Dlrs, See Tea dealers only,
Armitage William, 59 Kirkgate
Baxter Joseph, 18 Cross Church st
Beatson Anby, 4 Buxton road
Beaumont John, 9 Westgate
Beaumont Thomas, 72 Kirkgate
Bentley Benjamin, 35 Buxton road and 59 Upperhead row
Bradley Charles, 45 King street
Bradley Henry N. 1 King street
Bradley Thomas, 15 Westgate
Broadbent Thos. Heelis, 43 Castlegt
Co-Operative Society's Store, 10 Westgt Chpr, Wood & Co agents
Dougill John, 93 King street
Downing Francis, 11 Market place
Ford William, 17 New street
Hammond Joseph, 92 Kirkgate
Harrison Joseph, 36 King street
Hellawell Wm (& seeds) 4 New st
Kaye William, 24 Castlegate
Machan & Robinson, 4 Corn market
Oakes Samuel, 86 Kirkgate
Oddy William, 1 Spring st
Pontey Jno (& seedsman) 8 Kirkgt
Robinson Joseph, 6 Westgate
Simmons Robert, 26 Market street
Spivey John, 16 Market place
Wormall Richard, Mould green

Sue Johnson
Halifax UK

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