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From: "Tina Sansone" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Professional Genealogist Title
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 13:47:17 -0600
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One of my first jobs I said it came with a report that I specifically showed
her that I was going to do for her thru PAF reports. Since she did not have
alot of money I was trying to make it simple for her needs. She agreed to
this PAF report.

But, then after I did print all the reports she wanted, she decided she
wanted the individual notes after each person, not at the end. She came up
with new personal stories she just "had" to add after the fact. She made so
many changes and it was so hard for me to tell her I wanted more money.
When I did she was not happy as she said my fee already was including
reports. I had not counted on her to change everything. But, I learned a
valuable lesson to be more precise in what the money covers and that changes
made on their end was costing them extra. I lost so much money on that. I
spend more time on doing reports t han on the research.

But, when I took Elissa Powell's class as Samford last summer on
Professional Genealogy I was taught you have to spend the same amount of
research time if not more time on the report than the research time. I have
to admit, I do not like doing reports. I want to research, so I have to
teach myself to do a better job on that aspect of it.

Tina Sansone

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> Melissa, et al,
> Boy, can I relate to your discourse below! I hung out my shingle in 1997
> and didn't have a single client until 1998. I had joined APG and listed
> my services with the state historical society. I took new business
> classes from the local chamber of commerce. I established my home office
> with business machines, stationery, a library etc. The first client
> stiffed me because I didn't ask for an upfront retainer. So did the
> second and third--I'm sometimes a slow learner. Then I decided to apply
> for certification. That's a learning experience! But it gave me the
> self-esteem that I needed to get down to business. I'm still not a very
> good business person, but I continue to learn. I also get lost in the
> "hunt" and occasionally have to eat an hour or two. While I put my
> telephone number on my business card, I don't like talking to clients
> either. And after an initial interview, I let them know I prefer
> correspondence in writing. I let clients know up front they are paying
> for my time and expertise, not results. And I don't take on Christmas
> present projects in August! I worked 3 years on my Dad's Christmas
> project, and now I need to do a 25 year revision.
> Hang in there all you transitional genealogists. We've all walked in
> your shoes!
> Mary
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