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Subject: Re: [TGF] Anyone Samford bound?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 10:50:22 -0800
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Hello Debbie,

I will be going to Samford for the first time and I am staying in the
dorms. I would really appreciate a copy of your packing list.


Sheri Fenley
Stockton, California

On Jan 15, 2008 7:20 AM, Debbie Parker Wayne <> wrote:

> Tina Sansone wrote on 1/14/2008 10:57 PM:
> > Samford has their genealogy week the
> > second week of June as I am sure many
> > of you already know. Just curious, is
> > anyone planning on going.
> This year I am taking the Military course covering the Mexican and Civil
> wars. A friend I met during my first year at IGHR will be in it with me so
> I am looking forward to it for social as well as educational reasons.
> I took Elizabeth's Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis course in
> 2003, couldn't attend in 2004, Christine Rose's Land Records course in
> 2005, Helen Leary's last Writing and Publishing for Genealogists course in
> 2006, and Ben Spratling and Ann Fleming's Advanced Library Research course
> in 2007.
> Every course I have taken has been well worth the time and money. You
> really are learning from the stars of our professional world. Every class
> has provided useful handouts that have helped me after returning home.
> Even
> more useful, the classes have changed the way I think about things and
> approach a problem. No matter how much you think you know about a subject
> you will learn more during the week at IGHR.
> The recommendations in the bibliographies are very useful. I do not like
> being in a session where a bibliography is the only handout and there are
> only a few of those at IGHR. But, when you can't afford to buy ALL of the
> books it is good to be told which ones to get first and which are most
> useful for a particular purpose. Almost every handout at IGHR has a good
> bibliography at the end. Most of the instructors point out which items are
> the ones you should buy first. All of the instructors work hard to make
> you
> a better researcher.
> Even after doing research for more than ten years I was scared that I
> wasn't ready for Elizabeth's class that first year. Completing the NGS
> Home
> Study course was very good preparation for it. I learned many new things
> from Elizabeth but mostly I learned how to think about things differently,
> look at all the angles of a problem, and organize my findings to help me
> with the analysis. I was embarrassed that I had never thought of making a
> chart like her in-out table for land acquisitions.
> In Christine's course I learned about land records I had never heard of
> before and I learned how to access them.
> I can't even put into words how privileged I felt to have a chance to
> learn
> about writing and publishing from Helen Leary and Tom Jones and the others
> who helped. I had only heard Helen in one-hour conference sessions and in
> a
> couple of sessions of Elizabeth's methodology course before this writing
> course. I knew I liked the way she thinks and approaches problems. Her
> sense of humor had always impressed me. Even with her health issues I felt
> I learned a lot in that course and was grateful she pushed herself to
> provide a wonderful learning experience for those of us in her course. One
> of my goals for this year is to go back through my handouts from her class
> and make myself a checklist for editing. (As you can see I sometimes write
> long items that could probably be much better if shortened.)
> The course I had the most fun in was the advanced library research course.
> Elizabeth's course gives a good introduction to GovDocs and the law
> library
> but working in those records for a whole week is as much fun as you can
> have as a genealogist. (Or maybe I am just weird <grin>.)
> The IGHR courses let you learn about a topic more in-depth than you can in
> the 1 hour sessions at most conferences. When I could only afford to do
> one
> conference or institute each year or two I felt my dollar was better
> spent at IGHR. If you can get into the dorms the whole week costs much
> less
> than any conference. But I have to admit I much prefer being able to stay
> in the hotel even though it adds a few hundred dollars to the overall
> cost.
> If anyone will be attending for the first time and wants a packing list
> for
> the dorm rooms let me know. I stayed in dorms the first two times I went
> and made a list of everything I needed to take. I drove. If you fly you
> may
> not be able to take everything on my list but at least you will know what
> you might need. You have to take your own sheets, towels, etc. when you
> stay in the dorms.
> As you can see, I think IGHR is worth much more than attending a
> conference. I think NIGR probably is also but I haven't been able to
> attend
> yet to give a personal recommendation for that institute.
> --
> Regards, Debbie
> Debbie Parker Wayne
> Webmaster and Chapter Representative,
> Lone Star Chapter APG
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