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From: Patti Hobbs <>
Subject: [TGF] Citation Question
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 22:41:26 -0500
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I do not see an example of how to cite newspapers on microfilm in
Evidence Explained. I will give what I think it would be, and I
welcome criticisms or explanations.

Many of the newspaper items I have do not have titles. The newspaper
also does not have page numbers, although obviously I can count.:-)
There are always eight pages in every issue, and the "Local News" is
on page 5. Do I just make up a descriptive title as one does in
individual documents in a pension file?

Van Hoesen-Burton marriage notice, Clarksville (Iowa) Star, 6 June
1878, p.5; microfilm, State Historical Society of Iowa (Cedar Rapids:
Micro-Technology, Inc., 1979).

The company that did the microfilming was Micro-Technology and they
are located in Cedar Rapids. But the owner of the microfilm is the
State Historical Society of Iowa. Do I have that part right?

"Clarksville (Iowa) Star" is in italics. I don't know if it will come
through on email.

Thank you.


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