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Subject: Re: [TGF] [APG] Timeline for one-year certification clock
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:42:46 -0400
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I wish I had done as Debbie suggests and waited until my portfolio was
almost complete before applying. I did some of the work before sending in
my application and I thought I could finish the work in a year. One of the
projects I was working on for a client report (1999 and we needed three)
came to an unexpected dead end and I did not feel it was good enough to
submit. I applied for and received an extension.

That is why I always tell everyone who asks me about certification, finish
as much as you can before applying. That way they should be able to
complete the work in the year.

Chuck Mason

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> Maybe I am more cautious than others. But I have never understood why
> anyone would "start the clock" before you have your portfolio complete, or
> very close to complete. Real life interferes so often as many of us are
> starting to care for aging parents and have other personal situations.
> I bought the Standards Manual and the Application Guide years ago when I
> first decided I wanted to become certified "someday." I made a checklist
> and started noting which client reports and documents would be good for
> use
> for particular segments of the portfolio. I revised my checklist when the
> requirements changed, when I chose a different family to use for my
> portfolio, when a new client report demonstrates a broader depth of
> understanding. I revised my checklist and notes as I reviewed portfolio
> samples at conferences. And I keep revising my personal deadline as those
> real life situations eat into the time I would prefer to spend on my
> family
> research. <smile>
> When I have most everything in my portfolio done to my satisfaction and
> the
> requirements in the app guide, then I'll send in my application and start
> the clock.
> Regards, Debbie
> Debbie Parker Wayne
> Wayne Research --
> Harold Henderson wrote on 10/23/2008 6:31 AM:
>> Laura --
>> Thank you. It does help -- so as I understand it now, the
> timeline is a way of allocating one's genealogy time during
> the certification year, regardless of how much time one has.
> And as Elissa said, if one's time is limited, or one's previous
> experience is limited, then it may be wise to put in more
> time prior to starting that year. The proportions remain a
> useful guide regardless of how many actual hours you're
> able to spend.
>> Harold
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