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From: Patti Hobbs <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Signature Comparison
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 18:01:15 -0500
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That's an interesting thought, and I'll have to keep something like
that in mind if it become applicable to some future circumstances; but
in this case, no, she wouldn't have been a newlywed in 1822. If she
is the person in the pension file, she was married about 1790ish.


On Oct 30, 2008, at 10:37 AM, Kerry Sandberg Scott wrote:

> One thing I noticed is that there are greater differences between
> the two
> documents in the last name than in the first name, and others have
> made that
> observation as well. Could she have been fairly newly married when
> the
> first document was signed?
> When I married and changed my last name from "Sandberg" to "Sandberg
> Scott,"
> my signature looked a bit odd for the first few months, because I
> was not
> used to writing "Scott" (I never, ever write in cursive unless I'm
> signing
> my name). Even the "S" looked different in "Scott" than in
> "Sandberg."
> Now that I've been married for quite a while, the "Sandberg" and
> "Scott" are
> equally illegible.
> -Kerry Sandberg Scott
> Milwaukee, WI
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