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From: Melissa Barker <>
Subject: [TGF] Social Security Question, Update
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 19:52:02 -0600

Hello List,

I was asked by several members of the list to keep you updated on my progress or non-progress with my "old age pension" research on my great-great grandmother.

Well, I had told all of you that I had contacted the family services executive of Akron, Summit County, Ohio where my great-great grandmother was living at the time of her death and had been living for over 30 years.

This very nice lady was so helpful and eager to help me find the answer to my question. I must say that I was taken quite by surprise by her eargerness to help and her speedy response.

Her first email stated that she didn't know know if Summit County or the State had welfare records going back to the 1950's and that she would pass my email along to the appropriate staff and then get back to me.

Within a day I received a response from her and this is what she said:

Ms. Barker, Just wanted to touch base with you before weeks end to let you know that we do not keep records that far back because we are not required to do so; we even checked with the State in terms of their possible records and they only have records back to 1970. You may want to contact the Akron-Summit County Public Library at (330) 643-9000. Additionally, I have posed a question about your inquiry to the Summit County Health Department and am awaiting a reply. Sorry we could not be of more help to you.

So, sounds like the welfare records have not been kept for this state for the time period I am needing.

Now, my next question. Should I go ahead and request a search for a SS-5 application? While there is no evidence that my great-great grandmother even had a social security number, in fact, death documents state no social security number available. Should I take the step and pay the $29.00 to request a search? Would like to know what everyone else would do in this situation.

With the application I will be sending a copy of my great-great grandmother's death certificate.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Sincerely,Melissa BarkerGenealogist for Tennessee and KentuckyWebsite:
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