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From: "Angela McGhie" <>
Subject: [TGF] Study Group Contact Information
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 00:58:28 -0500

For those interested in the NGSQ Article Study Group or the Pro Gen Study
Group I wanted to post an overview and contact information. My name is
Angela McGhie and I coordinate both groups. Please direct questions and
participation requests to me at

The NGSQ Article Study Groups accept new members on an ongoing basis. These
groups meet once a month online to discuss an article from the *NGS
Quarterly.* This study is based on the model set forth by Dr. William M.
Litchman where each participant reads the selected article from the NGSQ
several times making notes about the research techniques, evidence and logic
used in solving the genealogy problem. Members meet online to discuss the
methodology used in the article and take turns moderating the discussions.

The Pro Gen Study Groups cover the research procedures and business
practices outlined in *Professional Genealogy* edited by Elizabeth Shown
Mills. There are two study groups currently running and I keep a list of
others interested in participating. When there are enough people ready to
participate we will form a third group. Each month members study one or two
chapters of *Professional Genealogy* and complete a practical assignment
relating to the chapter. Members then review assignments and give feedback
to others in their group and meet in an online discussion of the topic.

Please contact me for additional information. Thanks!

Angela McGhie

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