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From: Mary Douglass <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Market Research Refined - Identifying the Client
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:10:41 -0600
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Christy Fillerup wrote:
> Taking a little from the responses so far, perhaps we can frame the
> discussion in segments. I think LeRoy's thoughts on eating the elephant one
> piece at a time were spot on. For the purpose of this segment let's focus
> just on research. We can follow with a discussion of teaching, lecturing,
> and writing, if there is interest.
> So let's start with defining who pays for genealogy research.
> According to Elissa's response Natasha Crain has given us a detailed list of
> who the genealogy consumer is likely to be.
> Dabblers
If they're only Internet genealogists, they expect everything to be
free. I lump them together with the casual seekers.
> Casual Seekers
> Affluently Curious
Have had a couple like this--deep pockets and curiosity. Often willing
to take on "whole family" research to get around brick walls. Tend to be
long-term commitments.
> Targeted Seekers
Often the best prepared with defined goals and objectives. In my
experience, willing to pay for results.
> Avid Hobbyists
Sometimes just need direction for their own search. I frequently outline
research plans for them.
> Professional Genealogists
My favorite clients!
> Family Connectors
> History Preservers
If you include real estate developers of historic properties, I like
these folks. They have high expectations, often short turn-arounds, but
never quibble over the bill. I recently dropped this revenue stream from
my operation due to the requirements of the local SHPO.
> Attorneys
I have worked with two attorneys and the experience has been terrible
both times. However, both were female university professors expecting
instant gratification.
> Gift Givers
Not if they want it by Christmas and start their project in October! I'm
working with a client now who is a gift giver for her grandchildren and
has made no time demands, other than occasional updates.

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