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From: Amy McDaniel <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Frustrating research weekend
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 12:30:04 -0500
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Nicole, you have my sincere sympathy. Confrontational encounters like the
one you experienced can set up my hackles and frustrate the thoughts right
out of my head. The first time I visited a repository, another patron
unloaded his personal irritations in my direction. I was 21 and horrified!
Fortunately, I noticed that the other patrons were looking askance at his
loud criticisms, so I realized that his behavior was unjustified.
Happily, I've never had a confrontation like that since. However, I do dress
professionally and exhibit all the patience I can find when I visit research
facilities, so perhaps those superficial qualities help to prevent arousing
the ire of the more irritable persons a researcher can encounter.

Amy McDaniel
Chantilly, VA

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Nicole La Rue <> wrote:

> Sorry if this may be considered OT but I figured maybe some of you here
> would have had experiences like this in the past.
> I'm used to being the youngest one in the genealogy section of libraries
> and LDS Family History Centers but this weekend went far beyond that. I got
> yelled at by ladies at the local library and the Family History Center this
> weekend because apparently the women thought that I wasn't there for the
> right reasons. I tried to explain that I was there for research but in
> response, I got some snippy and even sarcastic explanations for their
> actions. I always get looks when I walk into a genealogy section and people
> always assume that I'm lost or completely confused with everything, and I've
> gotten used to that. But I actually got yelled at this weekend for looking
> at a "Genealogy Computer" at the library and for waiting for the LDS door to
> be unlocked which is really beyond being treated like a 5 year old. I get
> it, I'm 29 years old and look like I'm 13 but really. After working at NARA
> for 2 years, having a BA in history, and attempting to start
> a professional genealogy career I get tired of the looks and the
> condescension and now being berated for even being in the genealogy section
> of the library. It's extremely frustrating. Granted, I haven't met hardly
> any other 20-somethings that are into old cemeteries and genealogies,
> "micro-history" as is being discussed in another topic on the APG list but
> it would be nice to be treated as an equal every so often.
> Just another reason why I'm anxious for the conference in Raleigh this
> year. Hopefully I can find some other "young-ins" to swap stories with. :)
> Thanks for listening to me vent,
> Nicole LaRue

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