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From: Janis L Gilmore <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Report writing (was Pro bono in South Carolina)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 20:16:29 -0700
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Thank you, Elizabeth.

I am in the habit of writing research reports to my own files, but I do not
have experience in writing a client cover letter, etc. So I'm a little
nervous about that part.

I am not on the clock yet, but am working to get my ducks in a row. Much of
my time has been spent doing the "exhaustive research" necessary for the
kinship project. The client report has been a niggling worry in the back of
my mind. I hope to start the clock by the end of the year.

My thought was that I could do several pro bono client reports, and hope
that one of them seems to work well for this purpose. Since I live in
coastal South Carolina, and very little of my personal research is centered
in this state, the practical experience of resources in this state would be
broadening. (An add-on benefit!)

Alternately, I have considered going to a county list, and offering my pro
bono services in an area with which I am quite familiar, just prior to a
research trip. Your comments make me think this might be a good back-up

Janis Walker Gilmore

On 3/11/09 7:52 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Janis wrote:
>> I am looking to achieve CG, however, and need a client case for that
> purpose.
> Janis,
> Your sentence raises a good point. It's also being echoed on a new
> "GoogleGroups" ("BCG ACTION") that has been formed for those who have
> already submitted their preliminary applications and are actually working
> "on the clock" to finish their portfolio.
> Let me ask a question: Are you in the habit of writing research reports to
> *your own files* for the research you do on your own families?
> More than a few applicants who do not (and do not plan to) accept client
> work see that one portfolio requirement, find a pro-bono client, and then
> prepare a report to submit---with that being their first experience at
> writing a research report. As a consequence of not having had varied
> experiences in "reporting their findings," they lack confidence in their
> judgments and don't present themselves as well as they hoped.
> If you are already in the habit of writing "reports to file" for your own
> families, wonderful! In that case, maybe this suggestion will help others
> on the list.
> Elizabeth
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