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I don't recall adding both the city and the county, generally, to the name
of the newspaper. If the city name isn't apparent from the title, I add the
state, or if not apparent, also the city, all in parens, and only in the
citation. I report the state name (or state then city) separately in the

Maybe my practice developed differently because I see the newspaper's name
more akin to a trademark/business name/dba (pseudo-) name, as opposed to a
municipality or even a physical address.

Separate from clipping files, I pull a lot of newspaper items now from In that case, I'm almost always able to view the
front pages and the "Nameplate." As a rule of thumb, I add the location
given in that nameplate.

Perhaps off topic, but do remember researching for the details of an Iowa
paper once, only to learn that the such and such city Express (or such)
wasn't even published in that same such and such city. Believe in that case
also, I only inserted the state in the citation.

Hope this helps. --GJ

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I have a couple of questions about source citations.

For newspapers, the cite is supposed to be: "New Library Opens
Thursday," (Sedalia) The Daily Democrat, 25 July 1912.

This makes sense if everyone knows where Sedalia is. :-) Am I
supposed to be putting the state in there, too, for these little towns?

For census images, am I supposed to cite the *page* number, or the
number that appears on the *image*? For instance, the stamped page
number is usually on the "A" page -- if it is there at all. If my
information is on the "B" side, can I use the stamped page number from
the "A" page? All my guys seemed to end up on the "B" pages. :-)

I know these seem like small things, but I am once again having to
reenter up my census cites and I'd really like this to be the last
time. :-)


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