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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 07:38:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Melanie, here is an example I have used -

If a generation is approx. 33 years and we want to trace back approx. 200 years, we're looking at approx. 6 generations.

That is
2 parents for the known starting point
4 grandparents
8 great grandparents
16 2great grandparents
32 3great grandparents
64 4great grandparents

At an objective of 200 years, we'll inevitably find many ancestors who emigrated here. In order to continue the lines back to the 200 year milestone, research will be required in an unknown number of foreign countries.

A complete tree representing 200 years of documented genealogical research is the gold ring all of us aspire to, but very, very few would have the time or resources to accomplish. There is no reliable method to estimate the time or costs for such deep research. How could we narrow the research focus for you to meet measurable goals in your 200 year objective?

Works every time for me. :-)


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Subject: [TGF] Estimates

I have a possible client who wants an estimate on "tracing her family tree back about 200 years." How in the world do you estimate such a thing? Should I insist on more reasonable research segments?

I've been throwing this around in my mind for a couple of days and just don't know what to do. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Melanie D. Holtz
Holtz Research Services
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