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From: "Christy Fillerup" <>
Subject: [TGF] Surname Spread Study
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 14:03:38 -0600

Has anyone done a study of a surname spread and can offer advice on the
setup? Specifically what I would like to do is create a study of the spread
of a surname in the 1841 census in Derbyshire, and possibly throughout
England. I would like to eventually represent this graphically on a map.
Questions I am considering include:

1. The best way to quickly and accurately amass the data needed from the
census. Is there a way to do this without individually typing each entry? A
noted limitation of this study is that I would likely need to rely on
Ancestry or Find My Past's indexes.

2. The best way to take the tabular data and reconstruct it into a graphical
representation on a county or country map. I'm thinking perhaps circles of
varying sizes according to the # of people.

3. I have gone back and forth on whether the data would be more useful as an
every name study, or if only heads of household (implied since 1841 did not
state this directly) should be included to give a picture only of
households? I'm leaning toward every name as that way I won't misrepresent
households that may be mixed.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Christy Fillerup

Millenealogy Family History Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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