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From: Janis L Gilmore <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Tweeting on the APG list
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2009 14:31:51 -0700
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As long as there are books and Q's that I have not read, I don't think I
would be interested in reading someone else's tweets from a lecture.

I think it more likely that the tweeter imagined others to be interested.


On 8/9/09 2:22 PM, "LBoswell" <> wrote:

> well there is a generation raised on short messaging, which can be cryptic
> but has it's own rules and general accepted approaches. And not limited to
> just that generation. Texting has created a new grammatical structure that
> has grown organically but is widely understood. Amazing how a few words can
> convey more than one would realize.
> Maybe an individual was able to go to a conference but some of the people
> in that person's circle were not able to, so tweets are a way of keeping
> them in the picture. I doubt anyone expects that messaging to capture
> anything more than the flavour of what's happening or being discussed. When
> the person goes back home, I'm sure some of what came up in tweets is
> expanded and discussed further.
> It's also a bit of a comfort zone thing for some people. Many people share
> what they're doing, keep a string of acquaintances who care in the picture,
> and in turn get feedback and updates themselves.
> I imagine there are a thousand reasons why someone would do it, and why
> others would read it. Most of it boils down to interactions between
> particular sets of people who already share similar interests. And of
> course people follow celebrities, or newsworthy individuals, or a dozen
> other categories. But when it comes down to tweets from a gen lecture, I
> don't find it surprising that people who are in my close circle might follow
> what I was thinking as I sat through a lecture. And same in turn with them.
> You're not doing it probably because you have no reason or similar
> inclination to do so. Yet.
> Larry
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> From: "Janis L Gilmore" <>
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> Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:07 PM
> Subject: [TGF] Tweeting on the APG list
> Are any of you following the tweeting thread on the APG list?
> Are you as amazed as I am that anyone could be bothered to Tweet from a
> course that one had paid for and flown to attend? And that there is anyone
> who would want to read limited-word-count missives about what is in them?
> I have been so surprised by the email generated by this topic. Just wondered
> if anyone else felt the same way.
> Janis Walker Gilmore (who signed up for Twitter a few weeks ago, but thus
> far neither neither tweets nor follows otherĀ¹s tweets)
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