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Like everything new it's been proceeded by a lot of hype. Most of the
negative reviews are looking at it from a 'communicate with your friends'
point of view. Even some of the most negative also say "if you're
interacting with co-workers or colleagues it's useful. As one says " great
with your coworkers but horrid for nearly everyone else."

I'm looking at it from the latter point of view, as a work tool, and a way
of exploring new approaches to collaborating. I think the number of
*active* participants definitely has to be limited, though the number
actually watching or reading along could be unlimited.

One major problem is that it's a platform without a lot of applications
built yet. And there are competitive versions in the works. I wouldn't
write this one off quite that quickly. And I certainly won't write it off
until I give it a shot and see if it offers anything useful when it comes to
collaborating or problem solving involving a group of researchers.

I've been helping out on a Facebook group called 'unclaimed persons' which
tries to find family for identified deceased individuals whose remains have
not yet been claimed. It's doing very well solving "cases" but its approach
uses just the message "discussion" format on facebook, which leads to a
series of researchers producing results that can be chaotic and duplicated.
I suppose it's a kind of collaboration, but it's purely sequential and
information can get overlooked, research duplicated, and so on. To me it's
researchers working separately on the same problem, and that's not what I'm
thinking of. Collaboration means interacting more productively, not
comparing notes on separate efforts. But I don't take anything away from
this amazing facebook group. They're doing very meaningful work, and I'm
pleased to help out when I can


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>I don't want to pour cold water on others' experiences, but Read Write
> Web at calls Google Wave one of the "ten worst tech
> failures of 2009."
> Israel Pickholtz
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