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Subject: [TGF] Anyone Using Genealogy Software?
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 14:40:49 -0800

I use Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2006 and 16 (depends on what computer I am on) the most. FTM is what I started with over 10 years ago, so I have stuck with it.
BUT I didn't upgrade as the upgrade doesn't seem to handle transitioning things like Joe Blow Jr. or Joe Blow VI
AKA don't import
FTM doesn't have over 99 generations
You can't go back once you upgrade as the newer versions are totally different. Design and layout is different as well.

I also use software that as far as I know, no longer is sold since they merged with and both now promote FTM

My husband also wrote me a few programs that work in conjunction with FTM which made some things easier.

I mainly use FTM to store peoples names, dates, sources and notes...sometimes a photo.

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> Subject: [TGF] Anyone Using Genealogy Software?
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> What types of genealogy software are you all using?
> What do you use it for?
> What features do you like the most?
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