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Subject: Re: [TGF] Questions about compiled lineages
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I have to answer your questions with a question, because the devil is in the

My question: Are you asking these questions because you are interested in
certification? (Your next to last paragraph leaves me with that impression.)

If the answer is yes, then the unnamed article you are reading is
considerably out of date. BCG has not required a "4 generation compiled
lineage" since it dropped the Certified Genealogical Lineage Specialist
designation about five years ago. The requirements for a portfolio are
considerably different now, having been almost totally redesigned to allow
all applicants to demonstrate an even wider range of essential skills with a
smaller investment of time and costs (mostly by eliminating redundancy of


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG

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Subject: [TGF] Questions about compiled lineages

Every time I think I understand genealogy, I'm shown how much I still have
to learn. I recently came across an article on the web that discussed the
creation of a 4 generation compiled lineage where the youngest child had to
be born before 1900. I realized that I was not sure what that meant so I
tried to work it out and found myself with a multitude of questions.

Is a compiled lineage just one line? For example, I know my grandmother was
born in 1896 so she would be one generation and her parents would be the
next generation (two). Would it then be one set of grandparents (what I
think) or would this compilation have to include both sets of grandparents
for generation three? And finally, would generation four be all sets of
great-grandparents or just one set (again what I think)?

When showing this type of relationship using the descendents of my
grandmother's great-grandfather, does one show all the families of all
siblings or just those in the direct line down to my grandmother?

And for a compiled lineage is there a preference to ascending or descending
reporting. I know the BCG states that either can be used but I was
wondering if there was an accepted or best practice among genealogists to do
it one way or another. I can see choosing the way that presents the data
and proofs that you have in the best light.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Eileen Souza

Eldersburg, MD 21784


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