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This will be my first year attending Samford and I am planning on taking
ESM's course, Advanced Methodology. I have taken the NGS course and am
currently taking BYU classes towards my Family History Certificate, so I
am excited about taking her Advanced class (provided I can get in, of
course). Looks like the competition will be fierce. :) If not, Plan B is
Tom Jones' writing class. I think Samford offers a lot of good classes
and a week of an in-depth genealogy class is like heaven.

Debra A. Hoffman
New Windsor, MD

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Hi Gang - I'm just too darn excited about Samford registration opening
week. I have to talk to someone about it :). I'm still trying to decide
between Tom Jones' writing course and Elizabeth Shown Mills' Advanced
Methodology course.

So . . . who's going, and what are you taking?

Millenealogy Family History Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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