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My attempts at answering that question haven't led friendly conversations in
the past, so I wonder if I should give it a pass on the list or not? It
might make an interesting round table type discussion on something like
Google Wave (which I'm still working on, for those that are still

But Donn, do you think the BCG standards are the only appropriate (or
worse, absolute) descripttions of research methods in genealogical research?
Do you think the GPS serves any useful purpose other than as a slightly
flawed guide to research? If we could discuss this without things getting
unpleasant, I'd be pleased to do so, but it usually it doesn't turn out that
way in the end.

I applaud people who achieve any kind of standing through education or
experience, or who pursue any type of educational goal in their desire to
improve genealogical research skills. My lack of acceptance of the
credibility/validity of some standards isn't intended to demean anyone
else's efforts. It's simply my take on things.

I cover it in the contract adequately, as I would do whether the BCG
standards existed or not. I don't think it would take a lot of imagination
to perceive how I could do that.


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> Whether
> or not they accept the BCG standards for analyzing and evaluating evidence
> or not (I don't).
> Larry, if you don't accept the BCG standards, what standards do you
> accept,
> and how do you describe contractually those that you will apply to the
> analysis and evaluation of the evidence you are considering?
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