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From: "LBoswell" <>
Subject: [TGF] thanks
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:19:31 -0500
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> I don't believe that such a polite discussion would
> have ever been able to happen on the regular APG members
> and/or APG public lists.
> Jeanette

Jeanette, I completely agree with what you're saying about this list. I've
been sending off the cuff replies in a way that I would not have been
comfortable doing on the other lists that you mention. Also trying to get
some work done at the same time, so I will taper off now. I seem to be
sending more than my share of emails, but I've been trying to reply to
anyone who has answered my comments directly. I guess I could use one email
and try to sum up my responses to different comments, but it's difficult to
do that. And for that I thank the listers for their patience. And their
politeness, and I hope that my comments are recognized as just my own
opinons, not as judgements on anyone else's opinions.

I give credit to Christy and the atmosphere that her list management style
has encouraged on here. It really is quite an exceptional list because of
that. Yet there are many of the same people on this list as on the other
ones. Thanks, Christy for your tolerant approach, and treating your list
members as adults (even when we don't act accordingly).


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