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From: "Christy Fillerup" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Concerns - please read
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 11:35:53 -0700

Okay crew. I'm terribly torn. My personal thoughts are that if we continue
the discussion with Harold's guidelines that it is beneficial and
worthwhile. As an admin I want to do what is best for the majority of list

So . . . what's it going to be? Speak up, list, what do you want?


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Subject: Concerns - please read

> Hey Guys,
> I first have to admit that while I have only followed the current thread
> off and on due to other responsibilities, I have found that everyone has
> made some great points and that this kind of discussion is very beneficial
> to our profession.
> That being said I have had ten people drop the list in the last two days.
> I've also received several concerned emails from members expressing
> fatigue with the current topic. I think the sheer volume of messages
> associated with the topic might be overwhelming some of our members. If I
> remember right there was a list created to discuss genealogical theory.
> Perhaps this might be a good time to move the discussion there?
> I want to stress that open discussion is the basis of this list. It's
> incredibly important for us to be able to discuss these types of topics
> openly. But perhaps there is a limit to the extent of these discussions.
> I'm open to your thoughts.
> One suggestion was made that perhaps changing the default reply to the
> individual instead of the list would help. I'm inclined to agree and
> unless anyone has a very big problem with that I think I will make that
> change as of Monday.
> Thanks for understanding. It's a fine line between open discussion and
> overwhelming the majority.
> Christy
> Millenealogy Family History Research
> Salt Lake City, Utah

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