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From: "Mark A. Cone" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] BCG Standard #2
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 13:57:19 -0500
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Larry wrote:
> So it's a good piece of etiquette advice, but I'd cut it out completely.
> Like don't be rude to people, or speak quietly in a library. But as part of
> a research "proof standard", maybe a bit out of place?
> my thoughts on it: I don't think it strengthens or is necessary to the
> "Standard" at all. Throw it out.

This is a professional research standard, not a "proof standard" of any sort. Attaining, maintaining, and projecting a professional image is vital in our discipline, which is held in disdain by many archivists, librarians, and those of other disciplines.

Simply being courteous may seem like common sense, but it is easily forgotten in the heat of the moment with an impatient clerk or overworked archivist.

Mark Cone

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