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Subject: Re: [TGF] TRANSITIONAL-GENEALOGISTS-FORUM Digest, Vol 4, Issue 138
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 20:50:39 -0500
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Maybe some of those folks are the same ones being careless with the records.

I don't see Standard 2 as directed at "budding professional
genealogists." I see it as a statement of commitment to professional,
i.e. *courteous*, conduct.

Kathy Gunter Sullivan
Charlotte, North Carolina

Yes Kathy--but...
There is more to professional *courteous* conduct than this. Unlike another comment I don't see this is ethical either. I see it as conducting yourself in a professional manner such that you are treated as a professional. I am not trying to be funny with the next comment but if we are worried about how we treat others, shouldn't we be worried that we represent our profession properly? Dress code for one? I would have expected data collecting standards to address accuracy, collect without damage, completeness etc.
Douglas Burnett
Satellite Beach

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