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Subject: Re: [TGF] was GPS, now The Phrase
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 11:57:38 -0500
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I'm at wits end. I've no intention of flaming anyone but I get enough
ordinary spam, and enough is enough. I think flaming is more if I was to
initiate the abuse. I'm intend to paraphrase and make public the abuse,
without comment. It will stand on its own, unremarked. I don't mind
exchanging views, but when someone digs into my past with intent only to
discredit me, and accuse me of making dishonest claims, I will give them a
more public forum for their remarks

but with respect for Christy, that's my final word on this. The abuse
originates from the list, which is why I brought back to the list.

But the highroad has always been my choice. But there are limits to the
type of abuse I'm willing to endure. People will have the option to respond
to and defend their abuse on my blog. I won't edit their responses in any
way. I think that's a better venue for personal exchanges than private abuse
or abuse on the list.

I intend to conform to Christy's guidelines. I think if we all do that on
list and in any secondary off list conversations, we could have some good
discussions here.

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Subject: Re: [TGF] was GPS, now The Phrase

Let's agree to disagree on the following issue and move on.
I trust you're not referring to me. I don't make provocative statements
(with intent just to "provoke" in a negative fashion). I look at things and
make suggestions, offer opinions, try to discuss points of view. If I don't
hold to the idea of the BCG material being a foundational document of our
profession, that's not a hanging offence?

I'm not even skeptical of the BCG, I just see it as one possible attempt to
create guidelines. Not *the* set of guidelines, for me (and I suspect,

FYI: I also have a blog, but would never use it to flame someone who
disagrees with me. I chose to take the higher road.

Mary Clement Douglass
Your Kansas research specialist


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