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Subject: Re: [TGF] An Ethical Question
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 16:01:53 +0000 (UTC)
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September McCarthy wrote:

> This sets the alarm bells going off in my head!

That's the way I felt about it.

> And they will even provide the written review for you. All you have to do is
> post it!

Yeah, don't you love that? Not an option. I won't do that for anyone.

> This is beginning to sound like those scams where all you have to do is
> deposit a check.

Well, either that or a start-up that is desperate to get a bit of recognition.
Either way, I will check them out, but can't do that until the weekend. I'm
the type who, when looking to hire someone to do work around the property, I
check them out six ways from Sunday with the state, the county, and the Better
Business Bureau.

> Did you look at the website yet? Please make sure you have your firewall and
> virus protection set to maximum.

Heehee. You're talking to one whose husband is a certified computer security
professional! I'm armed to the teeth!

Jeannette Daniels wrote:

> Don't change your standards.

<grin> I have no intention of doing so. As a blogger, I
know full well that my credibility will be at stake.

> If you really don't feel good about the site after visiting it,
> let the person that wrote you know that you can't put
> information about the company in your blog.

Well, I did say I would put what I felt about it, warts and all.
Not to bash anyone -- never want to do that, either -- but if
a warning is in order, or if I find it disappointing, I'd say so.

> If you do feel that the site is something worthwhile to your
> blog readers, then write your own critique rather than use
> the canned one sent by the website owner.

Oh, I would never, as I mentioned above, use someone else's canned
content. Again, a matter of credibility. I will definitely write
my own review, if I decide to do it at all.

Mary Douglass wrote:

> In my opinion and take that for what's its worth, this company is
> trying to ride the coat tails of successful, professional genealogists
> to boost their own credibility.

Looks that way. The only thing in their favor right now is that they
made no offer of inducement, financial or in kind. If they had, I
would have told them right off, "No thanks, pal."

Thanks to all who replied, and thereby reinforced my own inclinations in the matter.

Karen Rhodes
Middleburg, Clay County, Florida

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