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From: Jeanette Daniels <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Certification vs. education (Was: Usability[wasGenealogyas a discipline])
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:55:25 -0800 (PST)
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No, I am not a CG.  I am working on the degree end of trying to improve genealogical
education.  The discussion came up when someone suggested that there was a
competition between certification and education.  There should be none.  It should be
a matter of working together to have what other professions do.  Certification is a natural
fit for post-graduate work. 


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Subject: Re: [TGF] Certification vs. education (Was: Usability [wasGenealogyas a discipline])


Are you CG, with a gola of making your CG to be more meaningful?

Janis Walker Gilmore

On 1/27/10 3:39 PM, "Jeanette Daniels" <>

> Jack,
> The person I talked with this morning told me that the boards it certifies are
> recognized as certified by the US government.  That does not mean that the
> government is behind the certification.  It does mean that ICE has gone
> through proper channels to be able to certify boards in the United States.
> I believe that ICE certification of a board means that that board has gone
> through
> the certifying process, is operating properly so that the consumer does not
> need
> to worry about the status of the certification that he/she has, and that
> legally there should
> be no problem with presenting evidence in court or any other legal situation
> because your
> certification would be recognized as a legal, valid certification. 
> The person who wrote that she was a person with no interest with either side
> made
> good points.  Why encourage the need for board certification as a board
> (meaning
> BCG) and not be willing to do the same with the entity that would legally give
> you
> credibility as a certifying board?  She saw a double standard.  I believe that
> others
> may as well.  As she put it, is it OK for her to just look at the standards on
> the
> website and say that is enough?  She had very good questions.  This is food
> for
> thought for all of us.  It has been an interesting discussion.  I have
> appreciated the
> tone and ability for all to express their personal ideas.
> I believe that genealogy as a profession will need certification based upon
> formal, meaning
> degreed education, work experience, and rigorous ceritification testing in the
> future as
> the occupations that genealogists do keeps expanding to need these
> requirements.
> Thanks,
> Jeanette 

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