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From: Jillaine Smith <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Publishing Online: What Do You Do and Why?
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 08:33:30 -0400
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This has been a great topic; thanks for everyone who has responded so far.

Like many others here, I also use WorldConnect for posting my
GEDCOMs. Living people are automatically excluded. I do include
sources, but I do not allow my GEDCOM to be downloaded. If people
want the data, they need to contact me. I feel very strongly about
including Sources and wish more people would do it. In my mind, it's
the only way to determine the quality of what is online, *especially*
now that there are SO MANY GEDCOMs online. I control the download
option in part to prevent or at least slow down willy-nilly GEDCOM
copying, but mostly because I want to be in touch with people who are
researching related lines.

I have multiple GEDCOMs on WorldConnect, including my line, my
husband's line, a Devoe surname project I insanely started many years
ago, and an even more insane (but satisfyingly so) town genealogy.

Using W/C in this way serves multiple purposes:
1. It helps me connect with other researchers and distant family members
2. It contributes to (I hope) more quality genealogy data online
3. It serves as a backup of my data. (I upload an updated GEDCOM
after any major work on my home family file.) This feature saved me
much grief. At one point many years ago, my computer hard drive
crashed badly and before I'd had a chance to back up to my home
backup drive. However, I had just uploaded a revised GEDCOM to w/c. I
was able to download and recover my most recent work.

Each of my W/C GEDCOMs has an associated web page, all linked to from
my main genealogy web page that I maintain for free on Rootsweb. (See
the third URL in my signature file.)

If you peruse that web site, you'll also see that I post my research
there as well. A prime example is this page:

This page serves several purposes:
1. It lays out how I'm trying to solve a problem.
2. It compiles the evidence for/against a theory.
3. It seeks feedback from other researchers.

As a result of this particular page, I contributed to the research
for an article published in the NEHG Register and was footnoted ;-)
AND this led to my submitting an article to the Register, which has
been accepted for publication in 2011 !

So having an online presence has also helped to advance my
professional interests in genealogy, despite the fact that I do not
yet have a "professional genealogy" web site, not really, anyway.

I like some of the features of Second Site as illustrated on Carole
Riley's web page-- that Calendar feature is pretty amazing-- but I do
not like the "person pages". I much prefer the layout that W/C uses
for its page on each person, vs. Second Site having one huge page
with a bunch of different people on it.

I have also worked off and on on the collaborative genealogy wiki, But that's another topic.

Jillaine Smith - Bethesda, Maryland
Bringing your Ancestors to Life (professional) (collaborative research) (personal research) (Expert Connect)
Member: APG, NEHGS, NGS, ProGen 6

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