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From: Christy Fillerup <>
Subject: [TGF] Social Commentary from beyond the grave
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 19:44:33 -0600

I had to share the fascinating commentary I found in an English parish
register today. The register (Mickleover, Derbyshire General register for
the years 1788 and 1789, page 37, FHL 1,041,424 if anyone is interested)
lists a number of deaths of children all within a few days of each other in
July of 1788. In the margin the vicar wrote:

"These children died of the small pox from the supreme and superstitious
folly in not inoculating and then these absurd parents excusing their
impiety with a pretence [sic] that their time was come.."

A few lines into 1789 another death occurred: "John Ride another martyr to
the small pox."

These few lines have sent me on an odyssey of researching this disease and
the beginning of inoculation in England. A fascinating glimpse into the
history of the area, and the crusading spirit of the vicar. I hope he was
able to convince some in his fold of the "superstitious folly" of not

Thanks for listening to the rant! I had to share it with folks who would
understand the fascination <grin>.

Christy Fillerup

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