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From: "Daniela Moneta" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Publishing Online: What Do You Do and Why?
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 11:45:34 -0700
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Dear Peggy and all,

I posted a response to Jillaine Smith who responded to Connie Sheets
regarding the best place to publish our genealogies online. I am more
interested in publishing ongoing research for a brickwall ancestor rather
than a full genealogy. I liked how Jillaine described her research problem
and her reasons for posting it online. I ran a simple test to see which of
her sites came up quickest and easiest. Using a simple search on Google, the
method most people use, didn't come up with all of her sites and no
WorldConnect. Using the simple search on Google, WeRelate came up as the
first two hits, came up third, then, and then her freepages on I used as my
test search "Richard Taylor genealogy Yarmouth" (without quotes). I
appreciate the discussion about advanced searching on Google but I don't
think the average person uses advanced search options. I am looking for a
place where new people to genealogy might search for one of their family
names and find me. I have scoured the Internet for people researching my
family and there is nothing posted anywhere except things I posted. For
years I have posted queries on various listserves for the surname and the
counties where my ancestors lived but haven't met any people researching my
family. I am hoping to post something about my research that people can
easily find.

At this point, I think WeRelate is the best option for posting research and
maybe a free website on RootsWeb. A simple search on Google brings them up.

Daniela Moneta, CG
Phoenix, Arizona

Researching Moses Tucker and wife Elizabeth Cable in Chenango, Madison, and
Chautauqua counties, New York, 1790-1855. Elizabeth Cable is my mtDNA most
distant ancestor and I would love to extend her line. She was born in 1782
in Massachusetts. I don't know where in Massachusetts she came from or who
her parents were.

Peggy wrote:

I'm home, and have more time to give this thread a more considered response.
Yes, you can use Google to search a whole lot of things, including
WorldConnect, but just because you can, doesn't mean it's the best way to do
it. WorldConnect has a very good interface for doing a finely honed search
-- Google has no idea what
the words are that you are typing in represent (surname, place of birth,
etc.) It hasn't been developed to search specialty databases such
WorldConnect. The search interface that WorldConnect gives you, is developed
with the structure of the database in mind. Here's a link to the help pages
for WorldConnect -- I
always advice looking at help pages so you know what you are searching and
how to develop a search strategy.

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