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Subject: Re: [TGF] EE Discussion - Fundamentals of Evidence Analysis -BasicIssues (1.2)
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Michele and All,

This particular section may be short but it is packed with very good

In this case, my answer is going to be split. One answer that will pertain
to my Client work and the other answer that will pertain to my personal
research. However, my ultimate answer is the same as EE, "research can
never be complete".

In my Client research, as most of us that do Client work know, we are
usually bound by a time limit with hour research. Every so often we do get
the dream Client that understands what it actually takes to do the research
and they also have the means to pursue this research. So, they give us the
go ahead to work as much time as needed. But most of the time our Client
puts limits on the amount of time they can afford for us to pursue their
research. With these time constraints I would answer that I never "research
enough". Even if I find the information that the Client is looking for, I
know that more research could be completed. That is why I always have a
section in my final report that is titled "Further Research Suggestions".
In this section of my report I explain to the Client what further research
could be conducted, whether they do it themselves or they decide to hire me
to complete the work. I lay out a short research plan to help them see that
the research, no matter what it entails, is not complete. When I start a
new Client project, I normally compile a list of sources that I need to
search for whatever it is I am looking for or for whatever I am trying to
prove. I list these sources in order of importance and/or in order of where
I believe the information will most likely be found. Then I work from the
list and try to access as many sources as possible with the amount of time
that has been allotted to me by the Client. If I am not able to finish my
list, I will include the remaining sources in my final report under "Further
Research Suggestions".

Now, for my own personal research. While I use the same concept as with my
Client work like making the source list, etc. I don't have the time
constraints that I do with Client work. This means that I can exhaust as
many sources and records as possible to get as close to that "complete
search" as possible. But I would still say that I never think of any search
as complete.

To some the idea of research never being complete can be disappointing and
even daunting. But I think it's just the nature of the "genealogy beast"
that we all love to tangle with!!!

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