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I think the point here has to do with how you are accessing the record.

For example, if you are using an unindexed microfilm copy of the census,
then you just identify by what you see.

On the other hand, if you are using Ancestry's digital images, and Ancestry
has him indexed as Vond, it doesn't matter whether you went page by page in
the same way that you would on microfilm -- once you find him, you should
note the name by which he is indexed on Ancestry. With the new image
viewer, the names appear at the bottom of the page in a collapsible panel,
so you don't have to guess.

The path you take to search for him or the parameters you put into the
search engine are irrelevant.

Michael Hait

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> Ah, but if you found James because you were searching for his daughter,
> Bella, would you then go back and figure out how to search for James?
> Or if you found James because he was on the same page, or nearby pages,
> to his cousin, Sam.
> This happens more than I would have ever imagined.
> :-)
> Linda
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> Linda Gardner
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>> Subject: Re: [TGF] Citatinitis
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>> If you searched for first name James, born 1850 in England in a certain
>> place you expected him in a certain census, then when you clicked the
>> surname Vond on your pick from a list of these James' because that is
>> close
>> to the James Bond you are looking for, you will have come to the search
>> by a
>> different route but the transcribed index entry would still say Vond. I
>> don't make a note of it for the next person but for myself in the
>> citation
>> as to what the direct route is so I don't have to go the circuitous way
>> again.
>> -- Elissa
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>> > I used to think that I should record the index entry, even if I had
>> > never used it (the index entry), and then I found myself spending a lot
>> > of time trying to figure out exactly how someone appeared in the index
>> > in order to access the record by that route. It seemed
>> > counterproductive. I don't know if I can afford to be that courteous.
>> <g>
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