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Subject: [TGF] Pennsylvania records
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 20:53:40 -0500

I have been learning about early Pennsylvania land records and
reviewing warrant registers for the colonial period.  But two things seem
unclear and I can't seem to find any written materials to clear things
up.  Could someone either refer me to a good reference or explain these to
me?  (Actually a good reference work would always be
1.  What is quit rent?  It appears to me that it is a
yearly amount paid by a person who "purchased" a lot from
a large landowner who set his land off in lots for sale. Usually the
amount was small, like 1£ per acre or lot per year. When purchasing the
lot, the new owner was required to erect a living structure on it within a
certain amount of time. 
2. For Pennsylvania in colonial times,
could this apply to a parcel of land for which a person had a warrant from
Pennsylvania but the survey had not been done (since it could take years)
and thus the person obviously had no patent?
3. If a person only had
a warrant, I know the land could be transferred, but would an actual deed
be created and recorded to memorialize this transaction?

Mara Fein, PhD


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