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From: Martha Grenzeback <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Buried in Back Yard
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 22:55:06 -0600
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City directories are also a good resource for this--Footnote and
Ancestry have Cleveland city directories for this time period. I
found Charles L. Hughes, plumber; F.R. Price, mnfr; and Willard H.
Brooks, salesman, all living at 304 Lake in 1897-1898. The OCR is not
all that reliable, so there may have been other families there.

I love city directories....

Martha Grenzeback

At 09:44 AM 1/3/2011, Barbara Ball wrote:
>[sorry for the double posting to some]
>I am a cartographer, and the first thing I did when looking for this
>property was to check a map.
>I checked the 1886 Sanborn map for Cleveland - 304 Lake was a
>residence, not across the street from the Health Department at that
>time. It WAS a couple of blocks from the Cleveland Hospital. On
>the 1896 map it is in the same block as the Cleveland Armory, just
>off the corner of Lake and Bond. The Hospital, of course, had not moved.
>By the time of the 1903 map, the street named "Lake" had
>disappeared. The address was then 642 Lakeside Ave., N.E., still 2
>doors down from the Armory. In 1913 nothing had changed.
>The area was not covered by the 1926 maps available to me. By 1951
>the property was a vacant lot sandwiched between a restaurant and
>auto parking. The Armory was still there, there was a garage behind
>the property, and a morgue 2 doors down.
>It is illuminating to see how neighborhoods and street names change,
>especially if doing research in large urban areas. This dead baby
>was not born to a direct line ancestor, but an ancillary
>branch. Still fun - thanks to all for sharing.
>Barbara J. Ball, MS, GISP
>Genealogist and GIS Analyst
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