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Two people from my area have already told you about the writing contest I
facilitate here in Portland, Oregon. We have purposefully not advertised it
widely. It's reason for being is to is encourage our local people to write.
I'm not sure that it would serve our purposes to be added to a list. We do
allow outside entries, but I would not want to see it become something that
our local people had no chance of winning. We actually have some pretty good
writing, though. I also facilitate the Writers' Forum, where we learn about
writing and give each other feedback. Not surprisingly, the people from this
group quite often are in the winning group.

We started our writing contest 7 years ago. Each year we pick a theme. This
year it's "Movin' On."


Peggy Baldwin, MLS
Family Passages LLC
Pacific Northwest & Oregon Trail

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write research papers?

Here you raise another interesting issue.

How many genealogical writing competitions are there? I know of a few, such
as the NGS and ISFHWE competitions, but how many local competitions are
there that do not get much publicity?

I would love if we could create a list of genealogical writing competitions
on this list. I would be happy to compile responses and host links to all of

them on my on website, for permanent reference.

Michael Hait

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Jay, you raise an interesting point here; but it's one that brings up
another issue. Some longstanding sponsors of these writing contests in
genealogy suffer from a dearth of entries. In some years, they have only
one, which may or may not meet standards.

True. We recently finished our second year of a writing competition in
Minnesota. We were pleasantly surprised to get 15 entries the first year
18 the second. Half of these fell well short of minimum standards.
Another fourth had merit, but were lacking in either substance or style.
other fourth were commendable. None approached the standards of a
peer-reviewed journal, but some were good enough -- with a little editing
help -- to be
worth printing in a lower-tier genealogy society publication. I am very
pleased that our three judges took time to provide written comments back to
every entrant. To me, this gives the competition an educational dimension.

Jay Fonkert, CG

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