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From: "Bonnie Kohler" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Author's Rights and Submitting to Journals
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 22:13:21 -0500
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The Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County library has issues of _The
Hoosier Genealogist_.

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler
Wellington, Florida

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Subject: Re: [TGF] Author's Rights and Submitting to Journals

>A fellow Hoosier! It's good to hear from you, Rachel. I was born and
> raised in the suburbs of Indianapolis. For many years I lamented that my
> Hoosier family never left Indiana. You were born there and died there
> generation after generation after generation. However, that comes in
> quite handy when doing genealogy research, and I am not lamenting
> anymore. Well, maybe not about that. Now I'm lamenting that I don't live
> there anymore. I'm glad you told me about /The Hoosier Genealogist:
> Connections/. I've read through about stacks of back issues of Traces,
> but I did not know about the other publication. I will have to check
> that out.
> Thanks,
> Laurie
> Jupiter, Florida
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