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Not to get into a great debate here. but there were NO black Confederates
under arms, despite what some columnist say may be fact. Just recently
there was a controversy about school text books in Virginia because they stated
just that. The author, who wrote children stories before this, claimed she
got that research on the Internet and recanted that fact after she could
not point to period research to back that up. Many scholars weighted in on
this subject of this VA text book and not one of them found anything to
support that claim. I believe someone here already pointed out the General
Order the Confederates States issues, a bit late.

Your point that there are "no specific" doesn't make it a fact.

Jim Madden

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Le Roy,

There were black confederates. Check the Walter Williams, a black
article in the Washington Post on Oct 20,2010. He quotes Fredrick
Horace Greeley's American Conflict 1866, and Charles H. Wesley a black

No specifics except "there were 16 companies of free men of color that
through Agusta, Georgia,, on their way to fight in Virginia."

Leave no stone unturned,
Michael Helmantoler

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> Subject: [APG Members] National Archives in Washington, D.C -
>inventory - 3 questions
> This month I will be at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. for
the first
>time. While I am there I will research a man who served in the Colored
>during the Civil War.
> The preliminary inventory for the Adjutanant General's Office, compiled
>Lucille H. Pendell and Elizabeth Bethel, indicates there were about 40
>for the Colored Troops Division, 1863-89.
> As I read the preliminary inventory it appears there is more than just
>a single microfilm. The records of the Adjutanant General's Office are
>essentially organized by divisions that were created over the course of
>nation's history. One such division is the "Colored Troops Division,
>The document files are described as "entries." Some of the entries could
>my subjects name and describe him. Therefore it appears that I should be
>looking as some of those records in addition to what I had envisioned I
>see on a microfilm that I found in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
>Is that correct?
> If that is the case, as I understand I should place a request for files
to be
>pulled as soon as I can so I will have time to read them. Is that
> Entry 391, for descriptive lists in 1864 consists of 54 volumes. It
refers to
>an order of the department of the Missouri in 1863. The file is arranged

>chronolgically, but it does contain an index. Would I ask for all 54
volumes so
>that I am sure I am able to see the index and then move quickly to the
>appropriate entry?
> Thank you for looking at my detailed questions.
> LeRoy Atkins
> Mesa, AZ

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