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Subject: Re: [TGF] Citations on Digital Images
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:06:15 -0600
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All digitial images have an information or meta data file. Using Photoshop
Elements 5.0, [have not updated] go to file/file information and fill in the
parts using the comments section for the source info. It stays with the jpg

If I make a copy of the jpg file, it goes on the back of my 'Research Data
Sheet' which I have patterned after Dollarhide's "Reference Family Data
Sheet" model. All of the source items are contained in the form plus my
notes on the file.
For a census record,
1. use a RDS sheet, [front is form, back is notes and maybe actual copy]
2. use Minders Census form for that year, fill in the information from the
digitized copy,
3. source from usually is copied and keep in Evernote [also
noted mis indexing issues and items not mentioned by ancestry which were
found on the digitized copy..]
4. Evernote note is printed on the back of the say 1830 census form or the
bottom / back of the RDS sheet,
5. With a third page being the copy of the digitized census record.
6. Then filed in the surname folder.

Since is not consistent in their sourcing or other websites. A
copy is helpful but not used verbatiam as they are redone in RM4 using the
EE template.

All RDS sheets are numbered and my filing is consistent and easily found

PDF creating can be done from Nuance PDF Pro software which
takes a word processing file directly from the Word software and creates a
pdf. Works great and cost about $100. I have used both Abode at work and
bought Nuance for home. Was able to undo pdf's and redo them and works
great. Did our churches 428 page history book using Nuance...
You can also create a pdf from Photo Shop Elements software. It also does a
good job.

RootsTech webinar did not mention Nuance but another one. Nitropdf I

Just my way of doing things.
Annette D Towler,
Researching Family History

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