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From: Patricia Hobbs <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Wanted: Book titles/authors of books dealing withAmericanColonies Immigration Factors, c1620-1725
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 09:04:01 -0500
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An interesting book on New York which gives insight on this variegation of a
Dutch colony is Island at the Center of the World by Shorto.

I like Albion's Seed a lot. It was the first book I read by David Hackett


On Saturday, August 20, 2011, Sharon Sergeant <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Albion's Seed is a lyrical narrative and a great reference for "British
> Folkways" as well as a guide for factors to consider for colonists from
> origins - even earlier.
> My own family in the 17th century are largely rooted in New England and
> colonists - then becomes more complex in the mid 18th century with
> migrations in both directions between Canada, New York and New England
> followed by waves of other emigrant groups - and more circular migrations.
> I was recently surprised to learn how variegated the Dutch colonies and
> communities were before the Brits took over. Pockets of Swedes are in New
> England as well as the the Dutch colonies. Rhode Island's acceptance of
> thrown out of the Mass. Bay Colony also drifted into the Dutch colony.
> The Acadian and Quebec colonies had significant numbers of non-French
> emigrants that drained into the Dutch and British colonies.
> Irish and fleeing French or German migrants coming through Ireland seem to
> follow similar patterns.
> I get the sense that the push/pull factors for immigrants to the American
> Colonies up until the 1725 period have many subgroups and interesting
> migration patterns.
> I recall seeing some diagrams of "major" migration dates, origins and
> destinations, but do not recall whether there has been a study of the
> clusters within each colonial bastion.
> Sharon Sergeant
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> Subject: [TGF] Wanted: Book titles/authors of books dealing with
> AmericanColonies Immigration Factors, c1620-1725
>>I am interested in accumulating two to five titles of the best written,
>> informative/authoritative books which list members have read, detailing
>> the factors
>> which drove immigration to the American Colonies c1620-1725.
>> There were many such factors, some as mundane as the availability of a
>> landing port,
>> but if possible (for instance) why would someone have chosen to immigrate
>> to North
>> Carolina instead of the Chesapeake Bay area.
>> Thank you for any such titles.
>> Joseph Lake
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