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From: "Sandy Clunies" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] EE Electronic/Digital Edition
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:49:53 -0400
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Hey, Karen - no need to bring hardcopy EE to the NGS trip to SLC in Oct.
Firstly, you can be sure it's on the shelf at the FHL if you absolutely,
positively think you need to consult it, and secondly - as the Research
Group's co-leader, I will be there with you and for you 24/7 to suggest the
best use of your time!

Here's one tip: before the trip, prepare + print several sheets of address
labels on which you already typed, in small font: Oct-11 FHL#. Then each
time you save something from a microfilm to either paper or flash drive, you
write down the source and have an instant source citation that you can edit
to EE standards when you get home.

If you save to paper, stick the label on the copy. If you save to flash
drive (my recommendation for the important info), you can keep a chrono list
of what's on it by adding a new label to a paper (or PC) log.

Then your homebound load will be so lightened that you can carry your
research results in your pocket!

--Sandy Clunies

Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG(sm)*
* CG, Certified Genealogist: service marks of the Board for Certification
of Genealogists, used by authorized associates following periodic
peer-reviewed competency evaluations. Certificate No. 411, renewed until 15
April 2013.

<<From: Karen Stanbary <>
Subject: [TGF] EE Electronic/Digital Edition>>

<< I noted the threaded posting in June asking about the release of the
electronic/digital edition of Evidence Explained. Elizabeth expected it to
be released in approximately one month. I have searched the Genealogical
Publication website but it is not yet available. Any updates? I am heading
to SLC for the NGS research trip in October and thus, obviously, would like
to "lighten the load.">>

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