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Subject: Re: [TGF] EE Electronic/Digital Edition
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 20:31:14 -0600
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Being at the FHL in SLC several days a week, the one thing I would suggest
under your "description" is to be specific. One of my pet peeves is people
who make or "try" to make citations from a film number in the catalog, and
not what is actually on the film.

The catalog might list a microfilm has "Wills A-C, 1750-1850." When looking
at the film, the three books might be labeled on the spine/cover of each
that was microfilmed as: "Record of Wills A," "Will Book B 1790-1820 XYZ
County," "Wills C, 1820-1850." I like to make the citation so that a person
going to the courthouse or archive has the EXACT title (if microfilmed) that
is on the book .

If your description says you copied C:211-213, you wouldn't know whether to
say "Will Book C," "Will Volume C," etc. in your citation. While it
*might* not make a difference in someone trying to locate the record at
another location rather than the FHL microfilm, there might in some cases be
both a "Will Book C" and "Record of Wills C," so you really need to know
which one.

I've had people ask for copies of records for which they have a citation
(not to a microfilm) for which there are multiple "Volume C's" with slightly
different names that both cover roughly the same time period.

There are also MANY differences in what the FHL might list as the author
(say, "XYZ County Court," and what is on the microfilm (which was made by
that state archives) as being done by the "XYZ Circuit Court" etc. Also,
there are MANY differences on the date of microfilming (both by state
archives and the Genealogical Society of Utah) as listed in the catalog as
compared with what the actual microfilm lists as to when it was microfilmed.

Make a citation from the catalog, and not the actual microfilm at your own

When viewing a microfilm, the first thing I type into my laptop is the
citation (author, title from spine/cover of the book, publication
information), before even examining the book. An example would be:
XYZ County, State, County Court, "Will Book C, 1820-1850," (city, state:
Filmed by the ABC State Archives), FHL Microfilm XXXXXXX, Item 3.

Rick Saunders

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I always make copies and then write the film number on the back of the
copies. I deal with citation when I get home... I want to look at many
films I possibly can when I am in SLC.. I don't like to use labels... as it
make the paper thicker..

I have a template in excel that I use

Floor film no diescription result

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