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From: Jean Suplick <>
Subject: [TGF] Recording your own knowledge
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 19:08:22 -0500

I need help sorting out some concepts. In the recent thread entitled
"Surname question for illegitimate children," I explained my own rather
complicated family history issue involving my mother. It's within that
context that I pose the question of how one should document for future
generations one's own knowledge of facts that contradict official documents.

Recapping without dissecting the details on this list, my mother's birth and
death certificate falsely name her father. I am one of the 3 living people
who know the facts of the situation. I am also the family historian.

How do I document my knowledge so that it could be cited in a report? Would
be way off base in considering creating an affidavit (yes, in the legal
sense), stating what I know and don't know? At least that way a board
certified genealogist fifty years from now would have another source to
weigh when re-examining my published family history.

Jean Suplick
Plano, Texas

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