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From: Harold Henderson <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Question about Source Citations and My Rootsmagic Software
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2011 22:05:22 -0600
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Ginger --

Others who know North Carolina have spoken well. I would say that your
overall approach is a good one.

The real point of EE is not for us to copy Elizabeth's citations (although
we all do that sometimes, and we could easily do worse). It's for us to
*think* about the records and about what needs to be in the citation and
what doesn't. Trying to reconcile EE with RM's formats and with your own
sense of the necessities is going to generate lots of thoughts, and if you
keep it up, regardless of how any particular citation comes out, you will
learn a whole lot more about the records you're using than those of us who
yield to the temptation to just copy someone else's citation format and get

Happy New Year!


On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 7:35 PM, Ginger Smith <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and looking forward to starting a
> brand new year!
> I wanted to jump in with a question that I need help with and instead of
> pulling my hair out, I thought maybe someone could help me out.
> I am trying to cite an original will from the North Carolina State
> Archives. I understand from reading Evidence Explained that probate records
> that were transferred to the State Archives should be treated as local
> records, especially in the case of the North Carolina State Archives, and
> the county should remain the creator.
> The citations I created followed EE's example on page 528:
> Footnote:
> Randolph County, North Carolina, Original Will Records:
> file “Lewis, Samuel, 1823”; North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.
> Bibliography:
> North Carolina. Randolph County. Original Will Records.
> North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.
> I've been struggling with my Rootsmagic software, I'm sure like many
> others of us out there, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing
> anything. The closest template I could find was the "Local Records, Files
> moved to state archives" template.
> It has everything I need, but with a few extra fields.
> The Master Source has the following:
> Jurisdiction (county and state)
> Series (this would be "original will records")
> Collection (this is blank for me)
> Repository (North Carolina State Archives)
> Repository location (Raleigh)
> The source details has the following fields:
> File (this is where I put in "Lewis, Samuel, 1823")
> Item Arrangement (It says put the item number or arrangement of items in
> this field)
> Item of interest
> Record date
> I don't know if I'm supposed to put anything in the last 3 fields because
> if I do so, then it goes outside of the scope of Evidence Explained and
> puts additional information in there that is not accounted for in EE.
> But if I don't put anything in those fields, then my footnote looks funny,
> with spaces and addition comments where the fields are empty.
> Randolph County, North Carolina, Original Will Records, file: "Lewis,
> Samuel, 1823," , ; , North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.
> I do have additional information that I can add to these fields like the
> date range of the series and the box number, and even the range of the last
> names for the box I pulled for this will (and even a "call number" that is
> required to order the box).
> So my question is this: Should I create a new Rootsmagic template and
> delete these bottom three fields so that my final footnote matches up with
> the EE example. And if I do delete these fields, what should I do with this
> additional information that I have that *I* believe is required to order
> the records?
> Thank you,
> Ginger
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