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From: Janis Walker Gilmore <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Question about Source Citations and My Rootsmagic Software
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 12:05:53 -0500
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I echo Connie. I find that the more polished my genealogical skills, the
less interested I am in my genealogical software. I am fine with it leaving
things in the wrong place to some extent, because I don't use anything
straight from the software except for the occasional graphic tree.

The software is a convenient way to store data, but it is only a reference
point and not an end in itself. So I don't sweat the imperfect citations--I
just try to write them as perfectly as possible in a report, narrative,
timeline, or other output.

Janis Walker Gilmore
Pawleys Island, SC

On 12/26/11 11:07 AM, "Connie Sheets" <> wrote:

> Ginger,
> You've already received wise advice about the specifics of your citation, but
> let me add some thoughts about software that incorporates EE style templates.
> I was initially thrilled when Legacy (and then RootsMagic; there may be others
> by now) came out with templates a couple of years ago. What I quickly
> discovered is that I probably have more situations that don't fit the
> templates than those that do.
> I've mostly abandoned the templates, with a few exceptions like census and
> basic on-line templates, and write the majority of my citations Free-Form.
> This has the added benefits of (1) transferring mostly intact to other
> software (I still prefer Legacy to RM for some tasks), and (2) allowing me to
> copy and paste citations from narratives to the database, since it is no
> longer unusual for my citations to be written first in a narrative as opposed
> to the database.
> The other choice is to live with the knowledge that the database will inject
> inappropriate punctuation, wording or sequencing that will need to be edited
> in narratives. The bottom line, at least in my experience with both
> RootsMagic and Legacy, is that citations created with templates require
> editing in narratives more often than not.
> Connie Sheets
> Phoenix, AZ
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