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From: Patricia Hobbs <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Question about Source Citations and My Rootsmagic Software
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 19:20:07 -0600
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I wasn't making any comment on what you said, Kathy. We know that reasons
for including information in a citation is to evaluate its quality and to
be able to give information that the document can be accessed by someone
else. Therefore, I only put what I did and didn't mean to imply that you
said that or that I was trying to correct anything you said. If part of
the reason for including the record group is to be able to retrieve the
information, you don't need it. That's why I was comfortable using
Elizabeth's format without the record group. I also have never requested a
document by mail. My frame of reference was filling out the call tag in
order to acquire the documents on site. Patti

On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 7:02 PM, Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG <
> wrote:

> Could we Whoa and Re-group here for a minute?
> Please note that *I* did not say that a specific call record number is
> required by the North Carolina State Archives when requesting a record.
> Pattie, perhaps you mistook Ginger's description of "how to order
> records" as coming from me?
> Patti Hobbs in her 26 December message is absolutely correct that mail
> orders to the North Carolina State Archives do not require that requests
> cite a call record number. For original wills, the Archivist requires
> only the name of the county and the name of the testator. When
> researching on-site, a card index to the pertinent record group is
> available. An on-site researcher is then able to complete an Archives
> call request form with the current box number.
> Elizabeth Mills was advised by the North Carolina State Archives that
> call numbers and box numbers might change. That information corresponds
> with my experience. From time-to-time, some records at the North
> Carolina State Archives do move (let's stick to wills in this instance).
> An example could be that John Bashore's Gaston County will is discovered
> to be John Payshore's will. Another example could be that George
> Dellinger's will previously filed as Person County is discovered to
> instead be an Anson County will. Even so, I repeat that "my /personal
> preference/ is to cite the specific box number at the time I accessed
> the record."
> The North Carolina State Archives does not notify me when they move a
> document; all I can do is accurately cite where I located it at the
> time. Michael, these adjustments do occur for appropriate reasons, and
> as you suggest, I "cite the current C.R./box number." Thereafter, I do
> not periodically revisit the record group in order to cite both the old
> and the current numbers. The "old" numbers are not available once "new"
> numbers are assigned.
> There always will be change. Sorta like the genealogical maxim: "what we
> know today is subject to what we learn tomorrow."
> Kathy
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