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From: Mary Douglass <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] options after closing a business
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 10:01:46 -0700 (PDT)
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Hang in there a bit longer, Amy. In this economy, a personal professional genealogist is a luxury many cannot afford.

Make sure you have an active marketing campaign in place. I know it's hard for an introvert like me to blow my own whistle, but nobody else is going to do it for me. After 5 years, if you still aren't making more than$400 profit per year [IRS base line], then reconsider your options.

There's nothing that says you can't also volunteer for your local society while owning your own business. I volunteered as registrar and lineage research chair for my local DAR while taking clients. I wrote articles for my local genealogical society magazine while writing articles for popular genealogy magazines.

I recommend you add additional revenue streams to your research clients, as Craig Scott and others recommended to me when I was in your situation. Teaching provided about 25% of my revenue, writing articles about another 15%.

Mary Clement Douglass
Your Kansas research specialist

From: "" <>
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 9:24 AM
Subject: [TGF] options after closing a business

I am seriously thinking about closing my genealogy business since after a few years as
it has never made money and other factors.  It seems as if I am a good genealogist, but
I had few customers and it has been a learning experience.  I have recently renewed my
APG dues and I have a website that doesn't need renewing until the middle of next year.

I am thinking about going back to volunteering, as a independent, which I can put on my
website although I am unsure if I can put I am still accepting clients on the APG site.
Another issue is I think with doing look-ups I could charge for the actually costs (such
as mileage, postage, and record) without having to be a business.

What I didn't know is if I could still do in-depth research with using the BCG standard
as I always done without issue.  Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you,

Amy Dunn
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