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From: "Honey Ryan" <>
Subject: Re: [TGF] Client querying copyright restriction
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:12:47 -0400
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Caroline wrote that her client complained about her retaining copyright,
I don't believe any of the researchers I have dealt with in the past have
copyrighted their reports. I am a little unsure why you would feel a
need to copyright the report when I am paying you to do this work
exclusively for me.

Karen responded:

Many people do not fully understand exactly what copyright means -- that one
cannot copyright facts, and that what one is copyrighting is the format in
which those facts are arranged, the analysis to which those facts have been
subjected, and the conclusions drawn from those facts, all of which is the
work of the author of the report. I think that is what has happened here,
that the individual does not understand.

My take on his objection was that this should be considered a work for hire.
Since he commissioned the work, the copyright belongs to him.

But, as others have been quick to say, "I'm not a lawyer."

I would be interested in hearing others' viewpoints.

Honey Ryan
Savannah, GA

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