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Subject: [TGF] Becoming a CG or not, that is the question
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 12:38:24 -0400 (EDT)

My dream when I retired was to travel the county and research. In 2007 I
spent 4 months in Europe researching. I came back to the states and in 2008
and bought an RV. I had sold my house and all my belongings were put in
storage before my trip to Europe. Since 2008 I have lived in the RV full time
traveling the county researching.
Because of my choice to live in an RV and research full time I have found
information I never dreamed of locating. As a result during the summer of
2010 I wrote my first case study to my surprise it was published in the fall
2010 edition of Kentucky Ancestors. During the writing process I wanted a
CG to read what I had written and give me some feedback. I was in Minnesota
at the time and found a CG in the area. His feedback was very helpful and
worth the hour I paid for his time. At the end of the conversation, he
commented that my paper was very good and that I should submit it for
publication once I finalized the article. He also suggested that I might want to
think about becoming a CG as I had already met one of the requirements with my
case study.
For the past year and a half I thought about this several times. I have
read many articles and searched the Internet on the subject including joining
this mailing list. I have vacillated back and forth so much my head is
spinning. I have come to realize that I want my research to be on a
professional level. I want my analysis and conclusions to be sound. I had assumed a
CG equated to genealogist for hire. I now know different.
I still don't know if I need to, have to or want to become a CG in order
to accomplish my goals. I am still vacillating "to be or not to be" a CG.
I know this is a personal choice but I would like to know why or why not
you decided to become a CG.
Thank You,
Ann Gilchrest

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